Siddique Group

SIDDIQUE GROUP, started in 1912 by Mr. Ghulam Ghouse Siddique, was engaged in imports and trading activities. The business grew under the management of Mr. Ghulam’s son Mr. Ahmed Siddique and his three grandsons Mahmood Siddique, Rafique Siddique and Mansoor Siddique. Currently, it has multiple activities globally in Infrastructure and bulk trading of commodities such as leather products, cement, iron ore etc. Mr. Rafique Siddique and Mr. Mansoor Siddique help Mr. Mahmood Siddique in running the family owned businesses

SIDDIQUE GROUP is one of the leading Merchandising and product marketing companies with trans-continental presence with operations in USA, China, Hongkong, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Africa and India.


To satisfy customer need in all walks of life

To achieve goals and objectives of the company year after year with Creativity and Consistency for a long journey